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Trust the professionals at Elite Tree Service to handle your Portland tree removal and rest assured you picked the best team for the job. By hiring Elite Tree Service for your Gresham tree removal, you’ll ensure the safety of your property and the property of your neighbors, all while saving you money. The tree removal process is a job that should be done only by trained professionals, like the experts at Elite Tree Service. Tree removal has the potential to cause serious injury and harm to self and property if done incorrectly. Don’t put yourself and others in harm’s way, call Elite Tree Service. Elite Tree Service is the leading team to handle tree removal in Portland Oregon. We are trained professionals with the experience and knowledge to do the job effectively and safely. Tree removal in Portland is our specialty, we can handle trees of all shapes and sizes. Hiring Elite Tree Service for your Gresham tree removal will save you money and eliminate any chance of damaged property or injury. With the latest gear and equipment, we have everything you need to safely remove a tree in a safe and timely manner. We pride ourselves on delivering quality work and quality customer service, our removal process consists of chipping branches and cutting the tree into useable pieces that we can either remove or leave, if the property owner has use for them. We leave your property clean and free from debris so you can go back to enjoying your lawn.

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Why choose Elite Tree Service for tree removal in Gresham or Portland?

We are a professional and knowledgeable tree service and tree removal company that works hard to save you money, making tree removal affordable and insuring the safety of your property and the property of your neighbors. Safety is our number one priority and completing a Portland tree removal or a Gresham tree removal should be done by the professionals. So, if you are unsure about the health of your tree or you simply know it must be removed, protect yourself and your loved ones by having the professionals at Elite Tree Service handle all your Portland and Gresham tree removal needs.

There are many factors to consider when determining if a tree needs to be removed. For the untrained it may be difficult to determine the health of the tree and whether it needs to be removed or not. Some reasons may be obvious such as roots lifting your hardscaping or foundation, also roots can cause extensive damage to your homes utility lines and plumbing system. The health of a tree can also be compromised by diseases and fungi that have made its way throughout the tree. Dying trees from natural causes begin to drop branches, roots begin to weaken and it will only take a good storm for that tree to come crashing down on your property and or neighboring properties. Having a dead or dying tree on your property raises many concerns. Heavy branches come down onto homes and vehicles causing extensive damage that could cost a fortune to repair. A large tree with weak or dead roots has the potential to come crashing down on your home, especially in times of severe weather. This is a threat that needs to be addressed before it happens. Protect your property and the property of your neighbors before it is too late.

If you have a tree on your property and you are considering having removed, here are some tips on how to inspect it to determine how quickly you must act. First, look for large dead branches. These heavy branches will inevitably release themselves, coming down onto whatever it is below. Then, inspect the integrity of the trunk, vertical cracks indicate that the tree may be dying. Another warning sign to be on the lookout for is the growth of fungus around the base of the tree. Oftentimes a tree will have a cluster of dead branches on one side, these are bare and weak looking branches. You can also try knocking on the tree. Does your tree sound hollow when you knock on it? This may not be the determining factor but it could be a good indication your tree is suffering.

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Elite Tree Service recommends you do not attempt to remove a tree yourself! We all have seen videos of home owners attempting to remove trees themselves, you only end up hurting yourself. Not having the right equipment and the proper safety procedures can result in personal injury to yourself and others involved, falling branches or tree sections can damage your property. They can also damage your neighbors’ property as well. Paying for a new car or costly home repairs is completely avoidable when you choose Elite Tree Service for Gresham tree removal and Portland tree removal.

As trees grow, they expand their branches. This can lead to interference with power lines. Protecting power lines is crucial in any neighborhood. Should a tree on your property overgrow into the power lines, call Elite Tree Service before it impedes the line’s ability to provide power to your home and your neighborhood. The safety of you, your home and property, your neighbors and our team is of paramount importance. It’s even more important when power lines are involved. Our experienced crews know exactly how to safely work around power line so that our tree removal services are safe for everyone.

Ask Elite Tree Service what options you have when considering your Gresham tree removal. Many cases a trimming and pruning service from Elite Tree Service will do the trick. We want to preserve the life of a tree but that may not be the case so having a team with the knowledge on how to safely remove a tree will result in money saved. Trying to remove a tree yourself could result in property damage and injury both costing much more than the tree removal service from a trained professional. Our services are competitively priced and our quality work exceeds the competition. You work hard to enjoy your property and we want to make it affordable for tree removal Portland and tree removal Gresham. We are always looking for better ways to serve our customers, we understand the concern of affordability and we take whatever measures we can to make your Gresham and Portland tree removal experience a good one.

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