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Elite Tree Service is Portland’s tree trimming expert. With our years of experience in handling trees, we are certain you will love the way your newly manicured tree will look. Each tree is unique in the way it grows and functions. Our professional team has the knowledge of specific tree species and how to properly trim, thin and prune them. Trimming, thinning and pruning trees in Portland, OR are effective ways to strengthen the health and integrity of the tree; particularly in the different types of soils and areas around the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, WA metro areas. Trees managed by professionals like Elite Tree Service, leave a tree looking its very best and increasing curb appeal of your property. We guarantee you will be satisfied not only by the physical appearance of the tree, but the competitive pricing and customer service that we, at Elite Tree Service, deliver.

There are many types of trees, all of which respond differently to regular tree maintenance and care. Deciduous trees such as maple and oak are commonly found in the great northwest. These trees require maintenance every 3 to 5 years, this depends on the location and if they are growing next to a structure. Evergreen trees are other commonly found trees in our region. Evergreens require tree pruning and maintenance every 5 to 7 years. It is important to be aware of excess dead limbs and rising signs of poor tree health. Preventative measures ensure you can keep your properties’ trees healthy and strong for the life of the tree. Timing your Gresham tree trimming is relative to the species and history of maintenance. Each species of tree may require less or more frequent maintenance. Proper tree care service from Elite Tree Service will result in strong and healthy trees you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Tree Trimming & Thinning Portland Oregon
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Tree Care Portland Oregon

Call Elite Tree Service today for your tree thinning in St. Johns, OR and give your properties trees a new leaf in life. By pruning you give your tree a better chance of survival all while looking like nature intended. A thorough tree trimming gives your trees a cleaner and healthier appearance. Part of the tree thinning process is that the crown of the tree is strengthened by clearing out all of the dead, diseased and unnecessary branches that could otherwise prevent the tree from thriving. Often times when trees go unmanaged they begin to grow sporadically, and the crown begins to fill beyond a healthy limit which also makes the tree look busy and unorganized. By thinning out the tree, it allows for more sunlight to reach lower levels increasing the longevity of the tree life. Plus, a well-manicured tree just looks better! An often-overlooked purpose for effective tree trimming, is the safety concern of yourself and others. Tree trimming, especially in a commercial or public setting, helps to ensure the safety of people and pets who may walk by or stay underneath and around your tree. A dense crown may create more weight that the tree trunk and roots are intended to handle, overtime this issue could result in the tree falling over, crashing down on a home, vehicles and other important property. We guarantee you will be satisfied of the noticeable results that follow a proper tree trimming done by Elite Tree Service.

For professional tree service, Elite Tree Service is the number one Portland Oregon tree trimmer. No job is too big for our equipment and crew. With our extensive knowledge in plant species and experience, you found the right team for your Portland Oregon tree care needs. We promise a beautiful and safe tree you will be able to enjoy for years. If you need general tree service in Portland Oregon, then call Elite Tree Service today!

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